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REIT Market Dashboard
Access to FTSE & Market Charts
Access to 8 REIT Filters
Portfolio Manager
Basic Watchlist Manager
REITs Basic Insights
Singapore market access


Everything in Free
REIT Quality Scores
Yield Spread Charts
Market Cap Weighted Charts
REIT Valuation Ranges
4 Advanced Filters
Monthly Market Brief Videos
Singapore market access


Everything in Basic
Detailed Quality Score
10 Advanced Filters
Advanced Watchlist Manager
Insider Trades & Alerts
Weekly Market Brief Video
Singapore market access


Everything in Premium
REIT Performance Charts
Leading Sector Analysis
Property Transaction Access
Access to all 24 Advanced Filters
30 Minute Intro Call with Founders
Access to all markets

Frequently Asked Questions

How far back in time does the Analysis cover?

At the moment our data goes back 7 years.

How does "Advanced Scoring Access" and "Advanced Valuation Analysis" in the Premium plan differ from the Basic Plan?

In the Premium plan you will be able to see the break down of the Quality across all 15 criterion's. A screenshot of the quality score is listed in the product screenshot section.
Comparatively in the Basic plan you will only be able to see the score and not the break down of the 15 criteria or the valuation analysis.
If you just want to find the highest quality REITs in the best valuation range without the details, the Basic Plan will do the job. For deeper analysis you would need the Premium Plan.

What do the Performance Charts Access in the Professional Plan cover?

They cover 4 areas:
Portfolio Metrics (Portfolio Revenue, NPI and NPI Yield / Portfolio Operating Cash Flow, Free Cash Flow & Distribution / Portfolio Operating Cash Flow, Free Cash Flow & Distribution per Unit / Portfolio CapRates / Portfolio Occupancy / Portfolio Rental Reversions / Portfolio Income Support / Portfolio WALE)
Debt Metrics (Gearing Trend / Historical NPI Interest Coverage Ratio / Historical Average Interest Cost / Historical Weighted Average Debt Maturity / Historical Percentage of Borrowing on Fixed Rate Trend)
Valuation Metrics (Historical DPU (Declared vs Expected) / Historical (Declared) DPU Yield / Historical (Declared) NAV per Unit / Historical Price-to-NAV per Unit)
Management Metrics (Historical Management Fee as a Percentage of NPI / Management & Trustee Fee Taken in Units / Historical Acquisition Trend)

Will I be given a website link to use your system? Or do I need to download an app to access it?

The system is web based you will have a username and password to login. We have iOS and Android apps scheduled for release later this year as well.